slow fashion

slow fashion

Reshma Dalal, Founder and Creative Director, tara and i, shares her passion for slow fashion. Your wardrobe is a self-expression of who you are. Much like an artist’s palate and brush strokes. It begins at one place, then grows and evolves at every stage and age. Eventually becoming a metaphor of who we are. Like everything else in our life, it needs thought, care, a little pruning now and then and a lot of nourishment. For what you wear is who you are. I like to see fashion as a thinking person’s expression. As a sum of creative and intelligent choices.

Slow conscious edits to one’s wardrobe are de rigueur from time to time. While clothes give us inherent joy, it is critical today to ensure we restrict our carbon footprint and that we consciously choose to patronize ethically sourced, sustainable, nature, garments so we can be responsible citizens. Top brands across the world including many fast fashion high street brands are using this mantra today. And Vintage shops are full of surprises so a visit to one of those is much like playing ‘lucky dip’. Patronizing small independent brands, indigenous textiles that generate employment locally is another way to shop responsibly and consciously.

To embrace slow fashion, its critical to differentiate between what you need and what you want. So before you purchase anything new, you need to have a good hard look through your closet and identify any gaps. Then, create your list of garments that need to fill the holes in your wardrobe, as well as other pieces that can add a fresh injection. Mindful choices.

Choose few. Buy well. Quality over quantity. I have always believed in creating a wardrobe of ‘staples’ that are versatile, classic and timeless. Be it a classic white shirt, the right pant suit, an evergreen blazer, fitted blue jeans or that dress that can take you from desk to dining al fresco. That will stay with you for life. The creativity lies in how you dress it up. It’s much like play. You can dress it up to be formal. Or dress it down to be casual chic. Your styling can make your wardrobe uniquely yours. What you want it to be.

While we often get tempted to follow a trend, and we absolutely should have fun and embrace contemporary inspiration, we shouldn’t veer from our wardrobe essentials and classics. Those that fit our body type and lifestyle. For they are investments. And almost become like your second skin. I believe in silhouettes that celebrate natural proportions, with subtleties of form and fit, creating comfortable yet flattering essentials for the modern woman. Colours can be bold or soft, but with character that exude composure. I have always believed in effortless chic. In keeping things organic, natural, clothes that become an extension of yourself.

Seasons demand an edit too. Lighter, breezier or more breathable fabrics like crisp cottons, beautiful cotton voiles, linens and Chiffons for the summer and heavier and more luxe fabrics like silk, satin and wool work for the winters. And you can dress it up or down by mixing and matching. And accessorize it with a rope of pearls or a gold chain or the bag of the season. Or simply red lips. Your classic outfit can become versatile and fabulous!

When I launched my brand tara and i; I wanted to share my belief in contemporary, sharp, elevated classics that are versatile, transcend seasons and can be worn over the years. Clothes that will stand the test of time and those that you can come back to at all ages. But most importantly, create fashion that has an innate je ne sais quoi that makes you not just look good but also feel good. For isn’t that what fashion is for. Pure joy.

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