lockdown 2.0 style trends

lockdown 2.0 style trends

LOCKDOWN 2.0 brings with it enough confusion and frustration. Realizing the joys in everyday living is what can truly bring relief. And fashion can be a saviour as well.

Here are a few tips from tara and i to keep you under check this lockdown.
Waking up with a smile and gratitude, having a shower, wearing something you like, dressing it up a bit, spraying your favourite fragrance and dabbing a little make up can take you from having a drudge of a day to actually having a fabulous one. And it is very important to feel good in these times. Fashion can be a real balm. Use it.

This lockdown comfort will be a priority, it does not mean compromising one's style. Rather finding a comfortable yet chic outfit to uplift our spirits. Remember, casual does not have to be sloppy. A few tips to see you through.

  • Kaftans, co-ord sets, shirt dresses, playsuits, relaxed soft sheer midi dresses that are easy to wear get our vote. Fun prints, colours will be a mood lifter. As things open up and smaller groups mingle for more intimate soirees, weekend getaways, people will actually look forward to dressing up a little even with the changed perception of lounging - to break the inertia. So yes we are well beyond the PJs this time around. Thankfully.
  • Zoom Dressing? With the current environment being more casual the stuffy collared  button down shirt may be done away with, especially in your drawing room. A slightly relaxed fit V neck shirt will make its way in. Or the more relaxed boyfriend shirt. Or the oversized shirt. Loose, comfortable from the summer with the informality of being at home and yet sharp. Shackets – or shirts layered with tops/shirts will be the other Zoom trend.
  • Relaxed fits, fuss free outfits, jackets (without lining) weather friendly soft fabrics are here to stay.
  • Accessories are a huge mood lifter. Wear a double string of pearls or just a rope of beads or some gold strands and you can look so chic. Layered accessories with a colour pop will give a burst of optimism.
  • This is a wonderful opportunity to discover one’s own style. You are at home and its time to experiment. Dress up for home, for a weekend away or just being in the clubhouse. It’s a great time to play. It is about feeling good in what you wear.

Fashion and jewellery have the magical thing about them that can make you feel from ordinary to extraordinary. We say go the extraordinary!

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