the a b c of sustainability

Conscious consumption has seeped into our lives naturally. There is a huge movement towards social and environmental awareness today. While there is so much talk around sustainability, many are confused. Inundated with information that needs to be channelled correctly.

At tara and i, we like to call ourselves a responsible and a mindful brand. Sustainability is something we are still learning on the go. Also, following ethical sourcing - we aim to create silhouettes that have structure and are not anti - fit. It can still be very stylish. Ethical brands seem to have a different perception and design aesthetic in a consumer's mind.

We communicate this to the consumer in our language and design. Not over-producing. We are also trans-seasonal. We believe a garment should last you for life. We also upcycle fabrics to accessories to achieve minimal wastage.
Here’s our take on how to be a more conscious customer.

  • Be a patron to homegrown local brands made in India. Looking inwards is cool. Sustainability needs to start at a grassroot level from mill and fabric suppliers to manufacturers and ethical trade practices.
  • Build a wardrobe. Encourage consumers to buy less, but buy quality. 
  • Buy from brands that seem authentic and transparent. See if they use plastic in their packaging. Implementing basic business practices responsibly and being honest in their trade practices and choices. Read their website. Or simply call or write to them. Certifications are a vote of confidence.
  • Avoid fast fashion. That said, it is heartening to see certain fast fashion high street brands also introduce sustainable eco-friendly lines. Go shop your heart out. In the end most of us do care about design and aesthetic and then look for the sustainable badge.
  • Remember, the degree of sustainability varies for all. The key is to act responsibly and educate oneself - and to choose wisely.