Want to style your outfits differently without spending a penny? See mix and match tips here!

Want to style your outfits differently without spending a penny? See mix and match tips here!


Want to wear your pre-owned outfits differently? If yes, here are some expert tips to mix and match with sheer aplomb this season.

No matter how many clothes you own, and no matter how many outfits you buy, there's always a chance that you'll be bored of them at some point. Sometimes, it's because you are tired of repeating the same clothes and sometimes, it's because you don't experiment with its styling as much as you should. Many outfits, can turn out completely different if you pay heed to style it right. This also applies to pairing your beloved clothes with different things. For instance, the white shirt that you always don atop your blue denim can go perfectly well with a long skirt as well. Or that comfy top you can't get enough of at home can also be worn with gorgeous new shorts.

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If you want more tips on how to mix and match this season, so even your old outfits don't go out of style, you've arrived at the right place. Reshma Dalal of tara and I is of the view that fashion is all about self-expression and the beauty of self-expression is that it is always original. She suggests fashion enthusiasts to invest in sharp, contemporary, elevated classics that are versatile, can transcend seasons, and can be worn over the years. "How you style yourself, can give you a totally different look," she said. 

Reshma also opened up about why summer layering is the key to dressing this season. "Given our warm outdoors in the summer and our chill-blasted cars and offices, summer layering is a practical solution to adjust to change in extreme temperatures," she explained.

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She also listed a few easy and doable ways you can mix and match without spending a penny:

  • Given the more ‘casual environs,’ we work in today,  you can pair a solid colour T over a pair of formal trousers and sneakers.
  • A crisp white shirt with a printed skirt could be both sleek and fun or an oversized shirt over a bustier top or camisole.
  • Colour block is a great trend for summer. Pair a canary yellow top with a blue skirt, and it screams fresh, bright, and summer.
  • Resort to your basic wardrobe and create a new look simply by donning a statement belt. For instance, take a simple shirt dress and elevate the look with a bold belt. 
  • If one wants to grab cocktails post-work, you can layer your T-shirt and trousers or jeans with a throw-over like a shrug or bolero or a casual jacket. The idea is to dress down the formal and dress up the casual, this would give a mix that is incredibly chic and sharp.
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